Conversations with the Curator

Welcome to the new Alaska Jewish Museum series, Conversations with the Curator. We will be presenting the stories of some very interesting Alaskans of Jewish heritage. Some accounts are hair-raising; some are heartwarming; some are of great historical significance and some are all three! Keep your eyes peeled and join us. 


Conversation with: Beverly Churchill

The Senescu Family Orchestra, ca. 1900 – 1910

For some more in-depth information on Beverly’s family history, check out the following article, “The Senescu Family Orchestra: Their Musical Path from Moldavia to America.

Conversation with: Michelle Keller

The Granasta Family of Pruzniz, Poland with patriarch and matriarch Elieser and Esther, ca. 1920

Conversation with: Vic Fischer

Vic signing Alaska constitution Feb 1956

Conversation with: Nora Barlow

Rosa Offczarczyk’s Reich card for marmalade and sugar, 1939

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