Scope of Collection

The Alaska Jewish Museum collects and preserves original documents, photographs, visual art, books, and artifacts that tell the story of the Jewish experience in Alaska according to the following guidelines:

  • The provenance of items must be documented or proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Items must be in good condition, or of a value that justifies conservation costs.
  • Artifacts may be accepted if they can be shown in some way to add to the history of the Jews in Alaska: for example, the relationships between the Jews of Alaska and those of the communities of San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle.
  • Items and documents will be collected that tell the stories of people's experiences in their countries of origin, according to uniqueness and/or workmanship.
  • The original art of Alaska's Jews will be collected according to uniqueness and value to the community.
  • Duplicates of original items will not be accepted unless they are deemed useful for historical research, for the library collection, for exhibit use, or for educational use. Revised Holocaust section:
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