A home for Jewish history, art and culture in Alaska.

Mission - A home for Jewish history, art and culture in Alaska.


Vision - The Alaska Jewish Museum provides a gathering place and historical repository to help build cultural bridges to promote diversity and tolerance for all Alaskans, enriching and deepening the cultural wealth of the broader Alaskan Community.


The Alaska Jewish Museum (AJM) tells the stories of Alaska’s Jewish residents and their contribu­tions to the development of Alaska’s industries, government and culture from territorial days to the present. The AJM offers exhibits and programming to demonstrate the living connections between the past and the present.


History - In 2004, a group of Alaskans, led by Rabbi Joseph Greenberg of the Alaska Jewish Campus, recognized the need to provide the people of Alaska with a way to explore its Jewish history and culture and, by doing so, to honor the significant Jewish contributions to that state and the greater United States.

In addition to creating exhibits and sponsoring traveling exhibits, the AJM is working to develop its own archives and research library. Its vision for the future includes the involvement of the entire community in telling the story of Alaska’s Jews, as well as creating dialogue about the commonalities between the many cultures that make their homes in the Frozen North.